Boston Hill Advisors believes that investment management should link the financial goals and objectives of a client with a customized investment portfolio that fits their risk/return profile and time horizon. Underlying investment management is a well defined investment process that combines years of investment experience, carefully planned infrastructure, open architecture and a commitment to excellence. The investment process is a well-defined approach that seeks to evaluate the economic environment, as well as asset classes, investment styles, sectors and industries, and to find top investment managers. By evaluating all of these factors and many more, our objective is to select the optimal asset allocation and investment portfolio for you.

Questions to consider about your own investment process:

  • How do you identify areas to invest with long term potential?

  • What is your selection process for finding top performing funds or stocks?

  • If through an advisor, do you know if it is in your best interest?

  • Do you have a benchmark and a process for evaluating performance?

  • Where is the risk in your portfolio and does the potential reward outweigh the risks?

Unfortunately, the majority of people cannot answer these questions with conviction. In addition, the majority of people do not have a comprehensive view of their investments and a formal approach to managing them.

Boston Hill Advisors offers a free consultation and evaluation of an investor’s current holdings and investment program. This is an easy and complimentary process that could be one of the most important decisions that you make in understanding how your portfolio fits with your long term goals and objectives.

We truly believe that our clients benefit from Boston Hill Advisors’ investment process. The process actively manages risks, opportunities and changes in expectations. It is a continuous process focused on meeting the needs of our clients.

We look forward to working with you to discuss your financial planning and investment goals.

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